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Bat Digest is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn More.

We spent some time with the Easton Salvo for slowpitch softball. We also read every user review we could find and watched every video of the bat’s live performance. Vendors at major retailers were also surveyed. That combined data, with our extensive knowledge of slowpitch bats, went into making this Easton Salvo Review.

Best pricing, at the time of this writing, is Amazon with a search like this.

Easton Salvo Review


[su_heading]We recommend the 2015 Easton Salvo to slow pitch players who[/su_heading]

On the whole, the 2015 Easton Salvo is a legit value purchase for the player looking for above average performance in a single piece composite stick. We recommend it for those who are:

  • Looking for a good value purchase
  • Not as interested in having the latest and greatest in technology, but a proven winner.
  • Comfortable with a one piece design and its accompanying hand sting.
  • Not going to play in cold weather.
  • Comfortable putting on a post market Lizard Skin grip.
  • Okay with working in the composite bat with upwards of 200 swings.

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[su_heading]We hesitate recommending the 2015 Easton Salvo to slow pitch players who[/su_heading]

Its lack of top shelf performance at all swing speeds, and the lack of any tech added from a two piece design, keep it from the top shelf of choices. We do not recommend it for those who:

  • Prefer two piece designs and their smooth feel on contact.
  • Are comfortable affording a top shelf bat.
  • Need top end performance across the entire length of the barrel.
  • Don’t want to deal with a very skinny, athletic taped grip


[su_heading]Easton Salvo Videos[/su_heading]

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[su_heading]Easton Salvo Sizing & Models[/su_heading]

The 2015 Easton Salvo comes in four models which are easily distinguished by color. (Price Check)

Easton Salvo Review

  • Red Salvo: Endloaded ASA approved slowpitch bat  (Price Check)

Easton Salvo Review

  • Green Salvo: Endloaded USSSA slowpitch bat (Price Check)

Easton Salvo Review

  • Yellow Salvo: Balanced dual stamped (USSSA/ASA) slowpitch ba. (Price Check)

Easton Salvo Review

  • Darker red Salvo: Balanced Senior League slowpitch bat (Price Check)


[su_heading]Easton Salvo Construction[/su_heading]

The Easton Salvo is a straight forward single piece composite slowpitch bat. The IMX composite  in the Salvo is the same composite Easton uses in its very famous 2013 baseball line of bats. As such, the XL1 and S1 composite barrel performance are good reference points.

The load distribution on the bats are true to form. The balanced, for example, fits right in the range of other slowpitch bats in the balanced space. The endload, as well, fits right into the range of endloaded bats on the market.

Most notably, the grip on the Salvo is a very thin athletic tape on an already thin handle. We didn’t prefer this. Many reviews, as far as we read, didn’t like it either. As such, many bought some aftermarket Lizard Skin grip and put it on the bat.

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[su_heading]Easton Salvo Compared to previous Easton Salvo[/su_heading]

When compared to the early 2011 Salvo line, the 2015 Salvo comes with a longer barrel and upgraded composite. Although real reviews on the 2011 line are sparse, we don’t doubt it is an upgrade. It is also very difficult to find the 2011 model still in wrapper. Further, considering the lack of durability of many single piece composite bats, we recommend the 2015 versions even if the 2011 saves you a couple bucks. You will appreciate the longer barrel and peace of mind.

Price check the Easton Salvo.


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