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The fastpitch bat world is domianted by the light swinging two piece composite bat. However, there are often several more types that are worth your consideration. We review all types of performance fastpitch softball bats in our reviews and ratings below. You may also find our best fastpitch bats article useful too.

Slow Pitch Bats

Softball Bats

No other group of ball players care more about their bat then the softball crowd. We attempt to satiate that desire in our slow pitch bat review section. As well, our articles on the best slowpitch softball bats are some of the most visited on our site. 

2018 Fastpitch Softball

Easton Fastpitch

Easton Bats

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DeMarini Fastpitch

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Slugger Fastpitch

Louisville Slugger Bats

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Mizuno Fastpitch

Easton Bats

2018 Jennie Finch Fastpitch Review

Mizuno Fastpitch

Easton Bats

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Marucci Fastpitch

Easton Bats

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2018 Slow Pitch Softball


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2017 Fastpitch Softball

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