2015 Combat Derby Boys USSSA Review


2015 Combat Derby Boys USSSA Review

To add to our growing list of Slow Pitch Softball Bat Reviews from Combat Sports (Oliveira’s Bat, Wanted G3 Slow Pitch) we thought we’d put out a review on what might be Combat’s most popular bat: The 2015 Combat Derby Boys U-trip.

If you don’t already know, the Derby Boys brand name has been a main stay in the Slow Pitch Combat Sports line for several years and it has received rave reviews. In the past it has always been a one piece bat made for power and pop but with a balanced swing weight.2015 Combat Derby Boys USSSA Review

This year’s version is in that same vein. But with an added Lizard Skin Grip and a wider span on the barrel for a larger sweet spot it has only improved.

This bat will also serve well those who appreciate one piece slow pitch bats. Not only is the construction ‘jointless’ but Combat utilizes, like they do in many of their top-shelf bats, a seamless construction where carbon fiber strands run from the knob of the bat to it’s end cap. This, at least in theory, gives uniform strength, durability and pop to the length of the bat without any ‘dead spots’.

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The bat is approved in USSSA, ISA, NSA and ISF play. It comes in a 26, 27 and 28 ounce with the standard 34 inch length. Good size barrel that begins its taper around the 12.5 mark.

Weight for the 27 ounce justbatreviews has comes in at 27.2 ounces. This is always a good sign for quality control.2015 Combat Derby Boys USSSA Review

2015 Combat Derby Boys USSSA ReviewBarrel diameter also on the money at 2.237 inches. (The barrel is stated as 2.250).

2015 Combat Derby Boys USSSA ReviewRecommendations

We are confident that those who love the one piece feel of a Derby Boys bat from Combat will also love this 2015 iteration. The lizard skin grip and more usable sweet spot are worthwhile upgrades. The balanced feel and long barrel make for a fantastic hitting experience. It really is a top shelf slow pitch softball bat.

Those in USSSA, NSA, ISA and ISF leagues who like the added power a one-piece bat can provide and are comfortable with the thinner handle of a Derby Boys bat should be all over this.

Looks like pricing is best here or here. Be sure to ask about warranty on those links too. You also wouldn’t be crazy to pick up last years model considering prices as of this writing with a search are like this.