2016 Louisville Slugger HyperZ Review | Endload & Balanced

2016 Louisville Slugger Hyper Z Review


We spent a few hours in the cage, as well as a three game stretch, with the Hyper Z softball bat lineup from Slugger. We also had enough experience with the 2015 Hyper Z senior softball bat to compare head to head with the new version. We used that data, with our vast knowledge of bats, to arrive at our 2016 Louisville Slugger Hyper Z Review.

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hyperz balanced

On the whole, the changes are dramatic from last year to this year. Not only does it come in an option for either endload or balanced load, but the balanced version is a now a single piece bat. The endload keeps the Z4 three piece design.

Recommendations: We’d recommend the 2016 model over the 2015 model due to its added durability and stronger swing through impact. Both have similar performance in terms of the 1.21 BPF stamping. It should be considered a top shelf senior league bat for those who like one piece composites. (Check price at Amazon – eBay Search like this).

2016 Louisville Slugger HyperZ Review

Hyper Z Sizing & Construction

2016 Louisville Slugger HyperZ Review

The 2016 Hyper Z comes in two iterations: an end-load and a balanced version. The 2015 model only released in a balanced swing.  The 2016 Hyper Z comes in 26, 27, 28 and 29 ounce.  The handle is the traditional 7/8 inch taper finished with rounded knob. It has a 12 inch barrel.

The bat is a single piece composite bat. Mind you, last year’s version was a three piece bat. Quite the change up from last year to this.

Where the Hyper Z Fits in the Slugger Line-Up

2016 Louisville Slugger HyperZ Review

The Hyper Z from 2015 was a 1.21 version of the Z-4000. Both were three piece bats. The Hyper Z for 2016 is a single piece composite bat. We’d guess, the 2015 Hyper Z had enough complaints with durability in the connective piece to abandon the implementation on the two senior league stick.

This puts the Hyper Z in a class all its own among the Slugger line up. The new Z4 is a new generation Z4000 and the new Super Z is much like the Z2000.

Hyper Z Recommendations
2016 Louisville Slugger HyperZ Review

Those looking for a full composite two-piece in the Senior Softball space may consider the 2015 Hyper Z. However, there have been enough complaints about durability in that bat to make us hesitate—unless the deal was outstanding. The single piece stiff Hyper Z of 2016 is a solid option in the senoir league space for those who:

  • Prefer Singe Piece Bats
  • Are okay with occasional hand sting
  • Are in the market to afford more expensive bat.

This bat is actually difficult to come by as of this writing. As time goes by we expect there to a few more options from which to purchase the bat. I’d start searching here and then go here.