2017 Louisville Slugger Slow Pitch Bats | Catalog, Z4, Super Z

2017 Louisville Slugger Slow Pitch Bats


The 2017 Louisville Slugger Slow Pitch Bat line consists of eight performance bats—four of which are in the famed Z4 line, three in the Super Z and the final one being the 2017 Hyper Z Senior League. As more data from players comes back, we will detail and review each bat, but for now we give some rough overviews on the 2017 Louisville Slugger Slow Pitch bat lineup. Our hope is to help you make sense of the slow pitch market’s most famous brand and put you on your way.

2017 Louisville Slugger Slow Pitch Bats

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2017 Louisville Slugger Z4 Slow Pitch Bat Table

Model Serial Leagues Load Review Price
Z4 WTLZ4U17B2 USSSA Balanced Soon $$$
Z4 WTLZ4U17E2 USSSA Endload Soon $$$
Z4 WTLZ4A17E26 ASA Endload Soon $$$
Z4 WTLZ4A17B2 ASA Balanced Soon $$$
Super Z WTLSZU17E26 USSSA Endload Soon $$$
Super Z WTLSZA17E2 ASA Endload Soon $$$
Super Z WTLSZU17B2 USSSA Balanced Soon $$$
Hyper Z WTLHZS17E2 Senior Endload Soon $$

2017 Louisville Slugger Slow Pitch Bat Sources

We referenced a number of places while putting together this article. In addition to our conversation with the manufacturer and major vendors on the line, we also relied heavily on Louisville Slugger’s slow pitch product page. Also, Amazon’s product description and search for the 2017 line proved helpful, too. We also re-read our 2016 Louisville Slugger Slow Pitch Bat article, as well as the 2016 Z4 Review and 2016 Super Z Review articles from last year.

2017 vs 2016 Z4, Super Zs

2017 Louisville Slugger Slow Pitch Reviews

The major difference between the 2016 and 2017 Louisville Slugger Slow pitch lines is a lighter and thinner composite in the 2017 versions of the Z4 and Super Zs. This new composite Slugger refers to as a spring recoil composite (SRC). In theory, this upgrade allows for better performance along a longer area of the barrel. If this will prove true in practice will be seen as more and more players get the 2017 version in their hands.

We you find a more in-depth conversation on this topic under the Super Z and Z4 specific reviews for 2017.

2017 Louisville Slugger Slow Pitch Bat Lines

Slugger’s 2017 Slow Pitch Line is best understood by breaking them into three categories. They are the Z4, Super Z and Hyper Z.

2017 Z4 Bats

There are four Z4 bats in the 2017 line. This number is down from the six or so there were last year. The Z4 is Slugger’s most advanced softball line. It includes a three piece design that ads an additional piece inside the bat’s transition for stiff feel and to minimize hand vibration. The 2017 version uses an upgraded composite to improve the length of the sweet spot and add some durability. It is, like last year, a two piece composite bat.

The Z4 line breaks cleanly into a balanced and endloaded version for the two major slow pitch softball associations: USSSA and ASA.

  • USSSA Z4 EndloadZ4 USSSA Endload 1
  • USSSA Z4 Balanced
    2017 Louisville Slugger Slow Pitch Bats
  • ASA Z4 Endload2017 Louisville Slugger Slow Pitch Bats
  • ASA Z4 Balanced
    2017 Louisville Slugger Slow Pitch Bats

2017 Super Z Bats

Louisville Slugger’s Super Z bats are upgraded with a new composite from the 2016 versions. The 2016 versions, you may recall, were the new Z2000 bats. These are known for their very stiff transition and stiff feel through contact.

In 2017, the Super Z comes in three options.

  • USSSA Super Z BalancedSuper Z USSSA Balanced 1
  •  ASA Super Z EndloadSuper Z ASA Endload 1
  • USSSA Super Z Balanced2017 Louisville Slugger Slow Pitch Bats

2017 Hyper Zs

There is, like last year, only one Hyper Z in the lineup. It is an endloaded two piece bat built specifically for the pop allowed in the Senior League space. The three piece design, exactly as is found in the Z4, is found in this bat, too. If you are looking for maximum pop in a 2017 Slugger slow pitch bat, then the Hyper Z is your ticket. Senior League allows more juice than any other.

  • Senior League Hyper Z End Load

2017 Louisville Slugger Slow Pitch Softball Bats