DeMarini Limited Edition Softball Bat Reviews: Yeti, Chupacabra and the Kraken


Limited Edition Demarini Softball BatsDeMarini recently released three artist series rendition bats for their 2015 Slow Pitch softball line. These bats are modeled after other high performance bats in DeMarini’s Slow Pitch offering but, instead of the basic design, these have a unique, artist rendition design. They are a limited edition softball run and there is no telling when they will no longer be available.

All three bats are named after *fictitious animals and monsters. The design’s follow suit. The three bats in the line: Yeti, Chupacabra and the Kraken. We absolutely love the design of the bats. It’s an impressive collection. We will save the review of the performance of these bats when we get to the bats they were modeled after: the One and CL22 from DeMarini. In the meantime, enjoy some detailed pictures and rough highlights of these DeMarini limited edition softball bats.

*I guess this depends on who you ask.

The Kraken

DeMarini Limited Edition Softball Bat Reviews

The Kraken (best eBay Search) is modeld after the CL22. The CL22 is a famous softball bat in the DeMarini line known for a significant endload and rain making power. The Kraken  comes with a 12 inch barrel and is approved for play is USSSA. By way of design, this bat named after the legendary sea monster of Norway is our favorite.

The Chupacabra

DeMarini Limited Edition Softball Bat Reviews

The Chupacabra (best eBay search) is modeled after the ONE softball bat from DeMarini. It has a 13″ barrel and is approved in all associations. This is a stiff transitioned two piece composite performance softball bat. On a related note, if a blood sucking demon animal of Latin America lore was bearing down on me, I’d be grateful to have it’s namesake bat next to me.

The Yeti

DeMarini Limited Edition Softball Bat Reviews

The Yeti (best eBay search) is also modeled after the 2015 DeMarini ONE and is an all associations bat with a 13 inch barrel, stiff transition and a two piece composite design. It’s named and designed after an over-sized Himalayan Ape—which describes a handful of folks I’ve seen playing slow pitched softball in our local league.