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Top 6 Gifts for Baseball Players, Parents and Coaches | A Gift Guide to Home Run Presents

Baseball Gifts


We know how hard it is to find the perfect gift for the baseball players in your life. Especially when the time comes t o celebrate. If you are tired of striking out when it comes to holiday, birthday or boyfriend gifts, JustBatReviews presents the following Top Gifts for Baseball Players to your rescue. (Turns out, most of these work for softball players too!).

Best Gift for Baseball Players

Our Best Gifts For Baseball Players Overview & Process

Our reviews and writing lead us to every gear item imaginable for baseball and softball players. From those 2016 adventures, we take those we think would make a great gift and make this list comprising the best gifts for baseball players. Gifts that make this list:

  • are not widely known
  • are so useful the person never knew they needed it until you gifted it to them.

We update this every so often. You may also find some success in our best bat deals page. We also have an article for best gifts for a baseball coach too.

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Baseball and Softball Gift Guide Table

Category Item Link
Under $10 All-Star Tiger Batting Grip Here
Under $20 Lizard Skin Grip Here
Under $20 Boombah Helmet Face Guard Here
Under $20 ProHitter Training Aid Here
Under $40 Classic Pro Mizuno Pancake Glove Here
Under $50 Franklin PowerStrap Batting Glove Here
Under $60 PowerHandz Here
Under $70 PowerNet Hitting Net Here
Under $80 Franklin Custom Batting Gloves Here
Under $100  Zepp 3D Swing Analyzer Here
Under $150 MLBtv Subscription Here
Under $200 Best Bats From 2016 Here
Under $300 Custom Baseball Glove (Wilson, Rawlings, RICO) Here
Under $400 The Best Bat: Easton MAKO Beast Check

Less than $10

Best Gift for Baseball Players

All Star Tiger Batting Grip

The All-Star Tiger Batting Grip is a substitute for pine tar that isn’t messy and doesn’t ruin your batting gloves, grip or bat bag. Once a player uses it they will never stop.

It works on aluminum and composite bats with preset grips as well as wood bats. At less than $10 it is the perfect stocking stuffer. Just throw it in your amazon checkout cart and, in just a few short days, you’ll be very happy you did.

Amazon Price Check the Tiger Stick.

Less than $20

Lizard Skin Grips

Gifts for Baseball Players

Lizard Skin Grips were virtually unheard of just a few short years ago, but now permeate the baseball market far and wide. From the Big League to the little leagues these ultra-slick, styled grips have seen plate appearances at the World Series, All-Star game and, more than likely, a little league ballpark near you.

We keep these little add-on items on this list because with the price point, how personal you can make your design choice and the visual impact when added to a bat, the grips are a winner every time. Price Check the Lizard Skin Grip on Amazon.

Better still, the gift is so simple you can’t mess it up. Just follow this Amazon link, look for a 1.8mm version in a color you like and pull the trigger. Easy as that. Shopping complete.

Boombah Helmet Face Guard

Best Gifts for Baseball Players

Boombah makes a pretty sweet face guard for their baseball helmets. These sit quite easily on the hitters side of the face and don’t block any vision. They absolutely give serious protection to the front side of the face.

Do note, however, the face guards are specific for the side of the plate you hit on. They are either right handed or left handed. Make sure you buy the right one.

Also, these are meant specifically to go into Boombah Helmets. Which, by the way, are also quite nice. We tried to put these face guards on other helmets and found that they did work if you could find some with two or three holes. However, Boombah does not recommend they are used elsewhere so you might void any type of warranty or lose some of the shields ability to protect in the event of an errant pitch.

ProHitter Trainer

Gifts for Baseball Players

The ProHitter Trainer Batting Aid, like the Lizard Skin Grip above, is adopted at all levels of baseball. It sits on the top hand thumb to give a more firm grip and protect against some hand sting. You can read much more about the details in our review. Here we simply note that it is an awesome gift that few baseball players have and, if they have one already, they’d be happy to get another.

And, at under $20? No-brainer. Price Check on Amazon for the Batter Training Aid.

Under $40

Mizuno Pancake GloveBest gifts for baseball

The Mizuno GXT Classic PRO Pancake Glove is a great addition to any bat bag. It is made as a training glove for ground balls—forcing players to use both hands. It develops quick hands and is used by many pros. The Mizuno pancake is the best pancake glove on the market. The glove has fantastic user ratings.

Price check the Mizuno Pancake Glove at Amazon.

Under $50

Franklin PowerStrapsBest Gift fot Baseball Player

Franklins PowerStrap batting gloves are are among the best in the business. Super snug around the hands and wrist, they are made for MLB players. The good news is you can get them in youth sizes too. At $45, they are the best value batting glove in the performance space.

Price check the Franklin Power Strap on Amazon.

Under $60


Powerhandz are a weighted batting glove for training. The weight is added by sand added in pouches on the back of the hand. This is as good of a training tool as anyone will find for winter work outs. Amazon Price Check the Powerhandz.

Under $70

PowerNetBest gift for baseball player

We recommend the PowerNet fufilled by by Amazon. Any serious coach or player cannot have too many hitting nets. This PowerNet, which copies the much more expensive BowNet, is a must buy. The user reviews are outstnanding. And, at less than $70 it is a great investment for the kids who likes to hit more than your arm can pitch.

Amazon Price Check the PowerNet.

Under $80

Franklin Custom Batting Gloves

Gifts for Baseball PlayersFranklin Sports Custom Made Batting Gloves may be our favorite baseball gift on this entire list. At under $70 with all the options, it is impossible to beat in terms straight dopeness. We suggest the Pro Classic or CFX Pro if you don’t know which ones to choose. It is likely your baseball player will love both.

The major problem, however, is the time it takes to build these. Expect a good 4 weeks. The good news is Franklin makes a serious assortment of batting glove designs available directly on Amazon. They may not be “custom” but they are quite nice, and cheaper too.

Check Amazon Pricing. From $25 to $55 last we looked.

Under $100

Zepp Labs Sensor

Zepp Labs Baseball Sensor Review

This may be our favorite item on the entire list. The Zepp labs sensor (which we review at length here) is a device that attaches to the knob of any bat and measures a number of helpful hitting metrics. Those metrics are delivered to your phone by Bluetooth and aggregated in an impressive software to deliver helpful feedback and tracking. Way worth the $100.

Amazon Price Check

Under $150

MLBtv Subscription

Gifts for Baseball Players

An MLB TV Subscription is an absolute must for any baseball player (or fan). MLB.tv is hands down the best way to consume more baseball than you ever have in the most efficient manner possible. Via mobile, tablet, computer or TV, any player will love you greater than words can express if this is your gift to them. We seriously can’t think of a better way to spend $140.

Do note, however, if you live in the TV area of the team you follow, then you won’t be able to watch the games live. You will have access to every other game live, though. Local games will be blacked out until the game is over. Highlights, stats and the works are still available.

And at $140 for an entire year of coverage? Seriously, why are you still reading this? Click it and subscribe.

Under $200

A Bat Deal


Why not buy a top shelf bat in last year’s model? That is a practical choice. Our best bat deals page does a decent job of updating new deals as we find them. Most are well under $200 for bats that, just a few short months ago, were selling at nearly double those prices.

Check the Best Bat Deals page.

Under $400

Custom Glove

Gifts for Baseball Players

A custom made, high-quality baseball glove is the ideal gift for the person looking to deliver a top-notch gift. There a few companies that now do this. Wilson and RICO Gloves began the trend. Rawlings wasn’t far behind.

All three brands are high-quality full leather stuff. RICO is the least expensive and also the least well known. Rawlings Heart of the Hide Custom Gloves and the Wilson Custom A2000 and A2K are more expensive and more well known.

We review our Wilson A2K and A2000 build up close if you want to take a closer look.

Under $500

Custom BatGifts for Baseball Players

The only gift that may actually be better than a custom made A2K glove from Wilson is a custom made bat from DeMarini. This is another example of a gift without budget limitations as these can get pricey, but there isn’t a real baseball (or softball) player in the known universe who wouldn’t fall in love with a one of a kind composite two-piece bat made especially for them.

Custom sheen, personalized writing, grip colors, sizes and weights along with a whole slew of options on bats you never knew existed all create what may be the best gift any baseball player could ever receive.

You can check out the Custom bat site here or see our review on the process here.