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The 4 Top Rated Baseball Bats: 2015 Users Vote

Top Rated Baseball Bats


On our Bat Wars page, we received 20,000 votes comparing one 2015 BBCOR version baseball bat to another. Users were asked which bat they would grab if they were on deck. This was, to our knowledge, the largest vote ranking process anyone has ever attempted to acquire usable data to rank the best rated baseball bats of 2015 (or any year for that matter).

We began with all 32 BBCOR baseball bats for 2015 facing off in head to head battles. We compiled win/loss records and awarded more points when a bat beat better competition. We then systematically removed bats who fell out of serious contention (due to consistent losses against the weaker competition) until we were left with 16 bats. We then let the voting run again and did another elimination until we had only 10.

Top Rated Baseball Bats

And Then There Were 10

We then pitted these top 10 bats with the highest head to head scores against each other to see if we’d find others falling behind. About 1,000 votes later we found stragglers in the 8th, 9th and 10th place. So we then removed the 8th (Louisville Slugger 715), 9th (Easton S3Z), and 10th (Rawlings 5150) place bats and let the remaining 7 bats fight it out for several more thousand votes.

When we reached 20,000 votes we found the Easton S1 which had often held the #1, #2 or #3 spot when the entire field was in the battle actually fade to the back of the remaining 7.Top Rated Baseball Bats

And Then There Were Six

At 6 bats the voting got tough and it took quite a while (2000+ votes) to prove another mark where we could eliminate those who now had no chance to win the battle. But with a heavy heart, we retired two of our personal favorites in the 2015 class in the the 5th place DeMarini Overlord FT and 6th place Easton XL1. They were, we surmise, victims of their own end loaded fate—playing in a war designed for the masses who are generally weaklings and want light swinging bats.

And Then There Were Four

We then let the remaining four battle it out for another 1,000 votes to see where the chips fell. The race was close and flipped and flopped a few times. Here are the results:

Top Rated Baseball Bats#4 — The Marucci CAT 6 which had its fair share of ups and downs in the competition always pulled through when it counted, just when a ‘cut’ was about to be made to pare down the options. For a one piece bat with a sub $300 price point the CAT 6 is in fantastic company.

Top Rated Baseball Bats#3 — Without surprise the 2015 Easton MAKO found itself in the cream of the crop for 2015 BBCOR baseball bats as ranked by users. Despite its predictable success, enough users are fond of this bat that it constantly found its way near the top of the list. And anyone who has hit with this beast knows exactly why it is clearly a top 4 user defined 2015 BBCOR baseball bat.

Top Rated Baseball Bats#2 — DeMarini’s CF7 spent the majority of the competition in the #1 spot. In fact, at one point, its score was a nearly 15% higher than 2nd place–the largest margin a 1st place bat ever saw. It was only when we dropped it down to just four competitors did the CF7 find itself with someone above it. In the end, the CF7 had more wins than any other bat in the competition and to anyone who has hit with this bat its dominance on the chart will come as no surprise. It is as good a bat as you’ll find. Hands down.

Top Rated Baseball Bats#1 — It was only when the #5 (Overlord) and #6 (XL1) end loaded bat were removed from the competition that the end loaded 915 Prime from Slugger jumped to the top. This makes some sense as those who prefer end loaded bats could only vote for one type of stick where the others three bats in the top four had to compete with a flooded balanced market presense.

However, I am making no excuses or exceptions for the 915’s place at #1. This end loaded composite two piece is a verifiable monster. And with a mere 20,000+ real live user votes as our witness, we can say with confidence that the 915 Prime from Slugger is the cream of the cream of the cream of the crop.

Well done JBR readers. Great choice!

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