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Bat Digest is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn More.

What Baseball Bat to Get Quiz

What Baseball BAt Should I get Quiz

We’ve surveyed thousands of bat users and categorized every 2019 bat by those answers. The following 5 bat quiz questions get you to your perfect bat.

What to do if you CAN’T AFFORD the recommended bat?

What to do if the recommended bat is not in your size.

What Baseball Bat Should I get Quiz

Bat League?
High school baseball is BBCOR, competitive youth leagues are often USSSA but can be USA. Many rec leagues are either USA or USSSA.
Are both, either or neither of these preferable to you?
We surveyed over 2,000 players to find accurate answers to these questions.
Where do you prefer the load of your bat?
Hands/Light means the balance of the bat is towards the knob. End Cap or Heavy means the balance of the weight is towards the end cap. Balanced means its in the middle of the two. We measured every bat's swing weight and categorize them on this baseball bat quiz accordingly.
What barrel type do you prefer?
Composite and Aluminum barrels feel and sound different. They also have different attributes. Do you have a preference?
What bat design do you prefer?
Single piece and two piece bats feel different. Generally, single piece bats feel more stiff while two piece bats have more give.
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But what if the bat is too expensive?

What Baseball BAt Should I get Quiz

If the recommended bat isn’t in your price range than we recommend you get, either, an older version of the bat or a used version of the bat.

On each of our reviews above you can find a comparison between this year and last year’s bats. In most cases, the bat changes are relatively small.

Older Models

What Baseball Bat Should I get Quiz

Most of last year’s bats can be purchased at a fraction of the price that new ones can. Most major outlets still sell the old ones. If you want to know how similar the current year is versus the previous year then look at the reviews for each one of our bats—we have an entire section dedicated to the previous year’s bats.

Used Versions

The used market for high end baseball and softball bats is alive and well. More than a few sites have dedicated sections to buying them. If you can’t find a good deal on an older version (you might even go two years back), don’t hesitate to buy a used bat. We have plenty of options here.

The recommended bat is not my size or drop. What now?

Baseball Bat Review Quiz

It will be very common to find a recommended bat does not come in your particular size. Don’t fret, we have solutions.

For starters, you can check the review section of each of the recommended bats. In there we give comparisons to other bats. More often than not, there are VERY similar bats on the market compared to the one recommended to you. Find one of those comparable bats and see if that one comes in the right size.

Further, if other bats don’t come in your specific size, look at the older models of the bat (also in our review section). Quite often an older version was made in a size that isn’t available this year for any number of reasons.

If all else fails, it is possible you’ve found a void in the offering that bat companies offer. Maybe some single piece, popular bat in the USA space that’s a drop 5 in a 30/25 just doesn’t exist. If that is the case, you’ll need to be less picky, sadly. Or, a reasonable option, is to find a wood bat company that can make a bat to your specifications exactly. Smaller boutique bat companies usually do a really good job of this at reasonable prices.

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