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The word ‘review’ may be the most over-used word on the internet. But let’s make sure we’re on the same page as to what a review is and is not—especially in the realm of youth baseball bat reviews.

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For example, repeating the talking points of the marketing ads found on vendor and manufacturer websites are NOT real Youth Baseball Bat Reviews. Nor is opining on the theology of baseball bat construction with random links to amazon bats hoping for a click & buy an actual bat review. Nor, we will add, is a ‘rating’ the same as a review. Neither is a 20 to 40 word blurb about how little Timmy or some random grandson hit his first home run with any particular bat and, therefore, such and such bat is ‘just great’ a review either.

At justbatreviews we feel very strongly that a real bat review consists of actually hitting with the bat over a period of time among several players for whom the bat is created for. Once done, taking direct and honest feedback as well as measuring real metrics on the bat all adds up to a real review of the bat. This isn’t to say other means of offering advice online isn’t helpful, but it is to say that the word ‘review’ may be the most overused word on the internet.

While there may be a few sites here and there which have done this for a few different bats every now and again, we are confident no one takes it nearly as serious as justbatreviews does. Our proof? The long list of youth baseball bats for little league (2 1/4) we’ve reviewed since our inception in the middle of 2014. Each of these bats we’ve actually hit with in cage and/or in game and, quite often, spent time on the phone with the manufacturers discussing their take on the bat.

What are Youth or Little League Bats?

Youth barrel baseball bats are Little League bats which have a barrel diameter no greater than 2 1/4 inches. The weight of these bats ranges anywhere from a drop 5 to a drop 15 depending on the model. Little league (aka youth bats) are not to be confused with Senior League bats or Big Barrel bats which both have a larger barrel size.

The terms youth barrel and Little League bats are often interchangeable. As well, many often refer to any bat used for young players as a ‘little league’ bat. However, officially speaking at least, a ‘little league’ bat is a bat made for Little League International which requires (at least until 1/1/2018) bats for certain ages do not exceed 2 1/4 inch in the barrel. As such, there is an entire category of baseball bats which manufactures make and vendors sale which put these bats in the Youth or Little League category.

The list below consists of bats which come in a 2 1/4 version. If you are looking for Big Barrel (2 5/8 or 2 3/4) bats then check this list. BBCOR reviews can be found here.

Youth Baseball Bat Reviews

Youth Baseball Bat Reviews

Here are more reviews we’ve published. We suggest, if you are looking for a specific bat, then try the bat reviews page or our search function above.